Behind every great man, there is a great woman. Behind every great Captain there is a great Quartermaster. Alice took her first breath on the seas aboard the English merchant ship, The Trinity.

One month after her birth Captain Coons of the Dutch pirate ship, The Nehalennia, made a midnight ambush on the unsuspecting crew of the Trinity. A recent hire of Coons' crew, Derrick Putnam, found Alice and her mother hiding beneath the decks and attempted to take the child. Alice's mother slapped the scalawag straight across the face. In return he swiftly thrust his rusty dagger into her lower side. The ear piercing wailing of a dying woman followed by an infants cry alerted Captain Coons. That night, The Trinity was set aflame with its crew and one surprise guest by Captain's orders. Coons made a promise to Alice to never let any of his crew touch her again.

Alice spent her youth growing up on The Nehalennia learning both the trade and lifestyle of a pirate. Captain Coons took special care to teach his crew to respect their newest addition. This included making an example of his prior quartermaster, Joe Jenkins, who attempted to violate Alice. For the remainder of his trip on the Nehalennia, Jenkins spent his days tied to the mast occasionally sharing company with gulls picking at his hair. This was of course in addition to the warning scar Alice carved just shy of his manhood.

Alice took Jenkins place as ship quartermaster. Her experience growing up on board The Nehalennia helped her lead the ship to find great wealth. Amongst the crew she became know as Alice the Angel. Many were convinced she had fallen from heaven to bring good fortune.
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