Akanthus club was created in 2001 and since then the team keeps company into those of Athens every summer. The bar is located close to the sea and it gives the place a magic vibe. The staffs of the Akanthus club are exceptionally seasoned and they serve customers in the most suitable way. Bookings can be accomplished through vgainoexo. The club constantly organizes parties from Wednesdays to Sundays. It is the matter that gathers a huge audience, the sound of the music and people loving.

In Thessaloniki, the air is quite energetic and young. There are many hidden treasures to find in Thessaloniki pubs, historic cafes, renovated historic buildings, etc.. Folks say Greece is always fun wherever one move and they aren't lying. Greece has one of the best nightlife and its assured that anybody will find themselves with the best time of the life clubbing, dance, having cocktails and jamming to music. There are luxury resorts around to unwind and chill out after performing some drinking and dancing with friends.

It's 100% guaranteed that the nightlife in Athens and Thessaloniki will not disappoint anybody and that which will be up to the expectations or maybe might exceed the expectations also. Athens and Thessaloniki club prices are affordable in addition to the food. With or without beverages the club won't let anyone down since the prices they offer are very cheap even students can afford it. All restaurants occasions like slopes, bouzouki, restaurants, rebellions, pubs, clubs, etc are all available in Athens and Thessaloniki. To receive extra information please check out

The booking is liberated which an benefit is for all those who wish to try and hang out in Akanthus. The club does offer all the kinds of amusement and patrons are assured to experience the very best nightclub in their lifetime. The actors are professionals that may boost the mood of the club and not forgetting the staffs whose ceremony are always at its greatest quality. If you are looking for a place to have fun then Akanthus might only be the ideal place.
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