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Update: You can now spend your points on GIFT CARDS!

Steampowers is a site where you're able to do surveys/watch videos/register for a site or play a game. For doing all of this your receiving different amounts of points depending on what offer it is.

100 points equals $1. I have been up to 1500 points then i ordered a $10 and a $5 wallet card, i received the $5 but not the $10 because it took longer time and steam stopped selling those. I have been using this site for months but still haven't gotten any virus or anything so i would say this site is completely legit. The site is run by 6 admins, from what i know and it's a lot of people ordering different items/games there for your order might take some time.

They have been working on trading bots but for now they are doing the offer thing.

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