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And just like that, he's gone too.

At about 0330 this morning, Winkerton Philip Pig, my precious Winkie, went charging across the Rainbow Bridge to be with 'his woman', Molly Flanders. He stopped eating mid day yesterday and just sorta flumped. Wouldn't move, wouldn't take treats, and if you moved his house he'd lunge to hide under it again no matter where it was. He was raced to the vet this morning when his body temp plummeted, and his heart stopped just after we got him to the vet. The actual cause of death was cardiac arrest and far too low a body temperature, but the vet didn't understand -why-.

I do. He was fantastically devoted to Molly. They'd nuzzle through the bars and sing to each other every day. It was him who always reassured her that things would be okay... when changing cages she'd go into the tray on the same papers he'd used, because his scent calmed her and mellowed her enough to curb her OMGBEINGMOVED! panic. He'd feed her treats, even his blueberries, when she'd finished her portion and wanted more. Day in and day out he'd been there for her since I got him at 6 weeks old, five full years of having her, constantly at her beck and call.

He was the sweetest natured peeg I've ever had. He didn't care who held him, once you fished him out. He'd sit there and chirp happily, understanding that momma's chest was a safe place. His favorite shirt will go with him; I fell asleep with him on my chest one day, and he gnawed most of the collar off while I was in dreamland.

I want my children back. I can't seem to stop crying. I'll leave for Heavenly Days in about an hour, taking Winkie on his last ride. I want my baby boy. I have Bennett and Pumpkin left, and they'll likely be my last for a long while. My heart can't stand the pain anymore.

~Ellie, Bennett & Pumpkin
Ollie, Kweepie, Gusbutt, Vickie, Molly & Winkie
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