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// $Header:import.h$
// NAME:import
// PURPOSE:This class is responsible for outputting slc file.
// $Log: $

#pragma once
#include "stdafx.h"
#include "Functions.h"
#include "Sar_CCDDoc.h"
#include "Sar_CCDView.h"
#include "afxwin.h"
#include "MemAlloc.h"
#include "afxcmn.h"
#include "Pgr.h"
#include "ReadFiles.h"
#define eps 1.E-15
#define INIT_MINMAX 1.E+30
#define ELEM_SWAP(a,b) { register float t=(a); (a)=(b); (b)=t; }
#define BANDS 1
#define INTERLEAVE_TYPE "bsq"
//defined these constats for envisat
#define MPH 1247 // Main Product Header
#define SPH 6099 // ASAR Image Products SPH
#define SQ 170 //SQ ADSRs
#define MPP 2009 //Main Processing Parameters
#define DCP 55 //doppler centroid parameers
#define CP 1483 //chirp parameters
#define ADSR1 521
#define ADSR 5731
#define new DEBUG_NEW

class import : public CDialog

import(CWnd* pParent = NULL); // standard constructor
virtual ~import();

// Dialog Data

virtual void DoDataExchange(CDataExchange* pDX); // DDX/DDV support

//Button Clicked Event for getting master image data file
afx_msg void OnBnClickedInpmaster();

//Button Clicked Event for getting slave image data file
afx_msg void OnBnClickedInpslave();

//Button clicked event for existing dilogue
afx_msg void OnBnClickedExit();

//Button clicked event for choosing ouput directory for slc file
afx_msg void OnBnClickedOutdir();

//Button clicked event which validates and triggers actual process
afx_msg void OnBnClickedBtnProcess();

//Check Button event for checking proper azimuth & range values
afx_msg void OnBnClickedCheckMlook();

//Dialog function for initialisation on dialog box
virtual BOOL OnInitDialog();

//later need to be removed
// afx_msg void OnBnClickedShimg();

//paint for all the paint activities
afx_msg void OnPaint();

//Function Process Master & slave Imagedata for ERS1/ERS2 & produces two slc files & two multilooked byte image file
void processERS_MasterSlave();

//Function Process Master & slave Imagedata for TERRASARX & produces two slc files & two multilooked byte image file
void processTERRA_MasterSlave();

//Converting an unsigned byte array to an integer.Used in case of terrasarx only.
int uchar_to_int(unsigned char b[]) ;
short int char_to_short(char b[]) ;

//Function Process Master & slave Imagedata for ALOS & produces two slc files & two multilooked byte image file
void processALOS_MasterSlave();

//Function Process Master & slave Imagedata for RADARSAT2 & produces two slc files & two multilooked byte image file
void processRSAT2_MasterSlave();

//Function used by rsat2 for locating image data
void read_tiff_strip(char *filename);

//Function Process Master & slave Imagedata for ENVISAT & produces two slc files & two multilooked byte image file
void processENSAT_MasterSlave();

//Function Process Master & slave Imagedata for COSMO-SkyMed & produces two slc files & two multilooked byte image file
void processCOSMO_MasterSlave();

//Function gets pointer to document object
CSar_CCDDoc* GetDocPtr();

//Creates Byte Image of multilooked slc image
void DoByteImage(char * outfilename,float **fin_data,int rr
,int cc);

//Function use in byte image calculation
void MinMaxContrastMedianBMP(float **mat,float *min,float *max
,int nlig,int ncol);

//function used in byte image calculation
float MedianArray(float arr[], int n);

//Used in allocating memory in case of byte image
float *vector_float(int nrh);

//Function used for creating header of images,for display purposes in envi or openev
void Create_Header(char *name,int rows,int col,int datatype,int bands,char *in_type);

//Function used for selecting appropriate process
void Select_process_func();

//function used for adding data file output name to parameter files required by next modules
void AddDataFileInfo(char*,char*,char*,int rows, int cols,char*,int,int);

//Used for validation of input by user
int validate_input(void);

//Set initial values when dialog visible on screen
void Set_Initial_Values();

//Used by all processing functions for converting slc file to multilooked slc file

void Multilook_SlcFile(int rows,int cols,int ncols,short bytes_per_pixel,
char* input_slcfile,char* output_bytefile,CPgr *);

//Displays byte image using openev
bool Display_ByteImage(char* master,char* slave);

//Called when display fails to display image
void Handle_Failed_Display(HINSTANCE hinst);

//create progressbar control
void create_progrcntl(CString header);

//Integer Showing for which satellite data processing will go
ERS = 1
TerrasarX = 2
ALOS = 3
RadarSAt = 4
Envisat = 5
Cosmoskymed = 6
int SelectedProcess;

//Both Values shows fully qualified path for master & slave imagedata
CString PathName1,PathName2;

//Takes input for master image file
CString led_input1;

//Takes input for slave image file
CString led_input2;

//Shows output directory for slc & byte image file
CString m_txtoutdir;

//Contains azimuth and range values for Image data processing
int azimuth,range;

//Control's value variable for taking azimuth input from dialog
CString m_azimuth;

//Control's value variable for taking range input from dialog
CString m_range;

//Checkbutton control value for diffrentiating between program fixed value & user entered value
CButton m_chk;

//Variables for handling timer activities

int nmax;

//Set this variable to true when process successfully completed otherwise false
bool flag;

//variables declared for holding values during processing of rsat2 data only.
int Nlig,Nstrip,Rstrip,Count,Value;
long unsigned int offset_strip,offset_strip_byte;
int *Strip_Offset,*Strip_Bytes;

//Set it to true when oninitdialog() successful.Its true value means drawing on dialog can go now.
bool flag_dialog;

//Used for retreiving parameter file name stored in document append.So in that files slc file name can be appended
//char *f1,*f2;

//control variable for azimuth
CSpinButtonCtrl m_spn_az;

//control variable for range
CSpinButtonCtrl m_spn_rn;

//pointer of type CFunctions used for accessing functions
CFunctions Pfun;

//Pointer to document used for accessing document object
CSar_CCDDoc *pdoc;

//Pointer of CMemalloc type used for memory allocation and deallocation function
CMemAlloc mem;

//for progressbar control
CPgr *pgr;

CReadFiles Pread;

afx_msg void OnDestroy();
virtual void PostNcDestroy();
CButton m_nextButton_import;
afx_msg void OnBnClickedNxtImport();
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