<center><div style="width: 350px; font: 13px arial narrow; text-align: left;" title="SMR."> Saffron had almost finished her coffee by the time she made her way back to the elevator to go check on the little girl. Her parents finally called her back and she filled them in, telling them not to worry she would stay there until they got back in the morning. She understood that flying takes some time, even if they got back tonight she would have stayed to make sure things were all right. She worried about her because not only was she her student but because she cared for her as if she was her own. She cared for all her students like that. She had finally calmed her thoughts down so she could think straight and hoped she would be going back to good news.<br><br>
Stepping onto the elevator, she pressed the button for the floor the girl was on taking a sip of whatever cold coffee was left in her cup. She let out a sigh, anxious to get back and hear what the doctor has to say. It seemed like the elevator was taking forever to reach each floor but eventually the doors flew open on her floor and she stepped out. Seeing Nate waiting patiently brought a smile to her face. “What a dedicated doctor.” She thought to herself as she made her way to him. “So what’s the news Nate?” she ask as she finally found herself standing in front of him gripping her coffee cup as if she were holding onto it for dear life. She was so worried that he was going to give her some bad news and she didn’t want that at all. She wanted this precious girl to be alright and wanted to her be able to wake up and see her parents loving faces the next morning. <br><br> As she waited for Nate to give her the good or bad news she thought about the girl’s parents, how worried they must be. They must think her an awful teacher for letting this happen to their daughter on her watch. She wasn’t sure how they were going to react once they got here but she hoped they would just be relieved to know their daughter was taken care of in their absence. Not many teachers would show the same care for their students as Saffron has and she is glad she is that one teacher that is different. In fact, she prides herself of the love she has for her students. </div></center>

<center><div style="width: 350px; font: 13px arial narrow; text-align: left;" title="SMR."> Saffron let out a soft laugh “We have fun no matter where we go silly.” She replied thinking back the the days when this was a normal daily routine for the two. They would go to different parts of the museum and just have fun until they either got bored or got caught. It was of course more fun getting caught because the guards don’t know what to do with two strange individuals such as them. Saffron always enjoyed confusing the guards but making them think she was a looney or something. She laughed again as Cal said goodbye to the dinosaurs as they walked out of the exhibit. <br><br>As her stomach growled she pressed both hands on her stomach “Shhhhh…I’ll feed you soon” she said playfully to her stomach, laughing slightly. “Food does sound nice right about now.” She said when he mentioned the food court. She laughed again when he mentioned feeding the beast “I think we both need to feed our beasts” she added rubbing her stomach slightly. As they got closer to the food court she could smell the different kinds of food in the air. “I don’t know what I want it all smells so good.” she said as Cal took her by the arm walking faster towards the food court.<br><br> Once at the food court she could tell that Cal looked a bit uncomfortable but she wasn’t sure why. She shrugged the thought off and looked around at all the food places. “hmm…I think I want pizza.” She said as a huge pizza sign caught her eyes attention. “Yes, I think that is what I may get. What about you?” she looked over at him curious as to what kind of crazy food he was going to choose. He always pick something interesting when it came to food. She always admired that about him, no matter what she could always count on Cal to be different and unique. </div></center>

<center><div style="width: 350px; font: 13px arial narrow; text-align: left;" title="SMR."> She could tell he was hesitant about adding her to his classes but she really needed to learn self-defense so she wasn’t planning on backing down. “I apologize if I caught you as you were closing but you are a total life saver.” She replied, thinking about what day would be best for her since she works at a school. She didn’t really need to have class everyday but she liked it so much she just always did. “How does Tuesday at one sound?” she asked hoping he would let her start coming on those days to learn how to better protect herself. She really didn’t want another incident where she got robbed or something and there was nothing she could do cause she didn’t know how to fight. <br><br> Saffron has always been a very self-taught kind of person but when it came to this she wanted someone she knew was an expert. She didn’t like that there was something that scared her so much. Normally she takes everything head on with confidence but being robbed was something that had never happened to her before that scared her to death. She let out a small sigh of relief knowing that he would try and fit her into his schedule. She knew that trainers were usually really busy and she has heard a lot of good things about this man. “If you need to meet or something before we start all the training I can stop by any time.” She added hoping that a one on one meeting before might give her a chance to explain why she needs this. She didn’t feel comfortable talking about it over the phone. </div></center>
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