The Assad nomination for top 100 List is not only offensive to those giving their lives daily, it's positively damaging. The nominations are supposedly for innovators, icons, heroes and leaders.
Assad as an innovator? There's noting innovative about brutal repression. It's - sadly - been going on for millennia.
Assad as a hero? I don't even need to bother with derisive sarcasm to communicate the ridiculousness of this suggestion: I'm sure you can see it yourself, Editor.
Assad as an icon? This one I can see: Assad is an icon. He's an icon of a cult of personality, he's an icon of absolute rule and most of all he's an icon of fear for thousands of brave Syrian dissidents.
Finally, Assad as a leader? This is maybe the category your writers believe justifies his nomination. Dicatator is not a synonym for leader. Leaders have authority and a mandate, neither of which Assad has. Leaders do not have to rely upon brute force and terror, as Assad does. Please remove this nomination and don't attempt to justify recognising this dictator as a leader.
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