001. Because they have amazing chemistry.
002. Because the idea of a Witch and a Vampire fascinates everyone.
003. Because he pushed her up against a car and seduced her.
004. Because he couldn't resist touching her hair.
005. Because she can't resist the bad boy forever.
006. Because she's his "Little Witch".
007. Because she was the first one to shock him.
008. Because the balance of Innocent and Badass will be perfect!
009. Because he made a promise to protect her, and old habits die hard.
010. Because she can't get the "homicidal vampire" out of her mind.

011. Because she will be the one to challenge him in a way that makes his blood boil, and his heart ache for love again.
012. Because no love story worth telling comes without drama. Consider Bamon drama central.
013. Because not only are they beautiful, they're also bound by incredible supernatural gifts.
014. Because sooner or later, the angst ridden bad boy will need someone to light a fire under him to get over Katherine. Enter Bonnie.
015. Because Emily knew that she was meant to be with him, and that was the whole secret about the deal.
016. Because with just one look we could see how sorry he was for biting her.
017. Because the one scene in "Haunted" brought out the closeted fans.
018. Because on their first scene, she burned him.
019. Because she left him speechless.
020. Because she secretly enjoyed him touching her.

021. Because Bamonation is owning Vampire Diaries.
022. Because a lot of people put them together in their heads before they had one scene together.
023. Because he wanted to touch her.
024. Because she can be the one to understand his emotional pain.
025. Because he will let her lighten up and party more.
026. Because she will help him find pieces of his humanity.
027. Because the Witch is pissed enough to take on a Vampire.
028. Because people are ready for her to light his ass on fire.
029. Because with one webclip, people went from hating him to loving him with her.
030. Because with one webclip hundreds of fans came out of the closet.

031. Because what other couple could get this kind of response with just three scenes in total.
032. Because she doesn't mind getting sassy with him.
033. Because he is "sexy, older, danger guy" to her.
034. Because she admitted he was sexy.
035. Because she will be the ony female capable of kicking his ass.
036. Because they have such witty banter.
037. Because Bamon is leading polls for a lot of sites!
038. Because DB is a pairing we can all warm up to.
039. Because he's always been the one in control...until now.
040. Because he only has a nickname for her.

041. Because we all know that the witch outfit turned him on!
042. Because he tasted the sweetness of her blood.
043. Because he will forever be on her mind.
044. Because she is the fire that will scorch his heart.
045. Because he will show her that being different is okay.
046. Because she is the only one he wanted to protect.
047. Because who doesn't want to see the unique Vampire/Witch pairing?
048. Because he can save her and she can save him.
049. Because they both have nicknames for each other.
050. Because they're chemistry is undeniable!

051. Because out of everyone, he will need her the most.
052. Because she is more valuable to him than anyone else.
053. Because she alone has the power to grant his greatest wish.
054. Because they have a lot of Unresolved Sexual Tension.
055. Because she won't be fooled by his charm that easily.
056. Because a Vampire and a Witch is something new and refreshing.
057. Because the worst part of this TVD drought is not having them on our screens.
058. Because she is like no other woman he's been in love with before.
059. Because he needs a woman of great strength and character by his side. That woman is Bonnie.
060. Because she'll put a spell on him and there will be no turning back from there.

061. Because there is no point in denying viewers the smoldering, electrifying chemistry between IS and KG.
062. Because he makes her feel alive.
063. Because he is rooted in her family history.
064. Because without his protection, the Bennett's might not exist today.
065. Because she can't be a good girl forever and he is exactly what the doctor ordered for some edge.
066. Because KG did some research on DB.
067. Because when they finally get their chance, there will be no turning back.
068. Because only he can handle a powerful witch.
069. Because she is the fire to his ice.
070. Because they have funny, verbal sparring matches.

071. Because he is the only one who can cool her down.
072. Because when supernatural seductress and life-challenged Casanova collide, excitement will most definitely ensue.
073. Because after searching for an old flame, he will find a fire that burns even brighter in her.
074. Because the thought of Stefan as her eventual brother-in-law is sweeter than peach cobbler and fudge brownies combined.
075. Because there is no other female better equipped to handle his fury on the TVD canvas.
076. Because when they kiss, it will be sweet yet passionate, soft then deep with yearning, emotional and ravenous.
077. Because no other TVD pairing offers this much intriguing complexity.
078. Because we will continue to wait, knowing the best is yet to come!
079. Because they had less screentime than everyone, and yet people can't stop putting the two together.
080. Because Bamon fans are the most dedicated you would ever know!

081. Because he is her knight in black leather.
082. Because he will find her a challenge.
083. Because our screens will heat up every time they meet.
084. Because they are yin and yang.
085. Because he will give her a taste of the dark side.
086. Because she will give him a taste of the light side.
087. Because she will be his "Wonderwall".
088. Because she can be his fiery witch.
089. Because he will show her what true, passionate love is.
090. Because she will show him how wrong Katherine did him.

091. Because her love will be a gift from Heaven.
092. Because she will pull the Devil out of him.
093. Because around her, he becomes a gentleman.
094. Because she is the only one who can make him dazzled and confused.
095. Because for a Homicidal Vampire, he's more human around her then he is with anyone else.
096. Because he is her "Homicidal Vampire".
097. Because this pairing is an addiction that you can't resist.
098. Because Damon versus Bonnie will be one hell of a match.
099. Because he will crave the kind of loyalty she gives.
100. Because these 100 reasons we've come up with are merely a small display of just how intensely we feel about TVD's most drool worthy twosome.

101. Because Bonnie is the only one we've seen Damon lick his lips for.
102. Because he recognized how 'loyal' a friend she was when they first talked.
103. Because she is the only girl who can say 'no' to Damon without annoying him.
104. Because he always tells her the truth.
105. Because Bonnie can see right through him.
106. Because Bonnie is the only person than threatened Damon, and lived.
107. Because Bonnie is the only that made Damon beg.
108. Because Bonnie can leave him speechless.
109. Because the word "please" came out of Damon's mouth for her.
110. Because Bonnie can burn Damon, in more ways than one.

111. Because when they cry - maybe it's not for the same reason, but ALWAYS at the same time.
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