Sir Donald's Pipe of Basically all of English 9 through 12 (Free verse poem)

Brickinator's Entry:
'Taken Too Soon'

Fruit-fed dreams
and the hopes of a nation
fueling his journey to space.
A true hero
thrust into the spotlight
and thrusters for the great race.

Night terrors in airtight suits.
A sick hammer and sickle,
the eternal torments of Vladimir Bananas too.
Dreams of cruelty.
One shudders to imagine
the horrors they put him through.

Carried by cage
with bubble on head.
Stuck in an orange suit.
A regiment of training
Bleeping lights and screeches,
a promised bounty of fruit.

Banana peels and Australium.
Deserts of lies and thievery.
A secret diary burned.
Suitcases of explosives
and broken promises
and a trust falsely earned.

A bugle to send a call,
to send a message of monkeys,
A cacophony of patriotism.
A sword to pierce the heavens
in every sense there is
across life and death's schism.

Flames scorch the earth
and the pillar of metal ascends
A searing heat none can bear.
He gazes impassively at where
he is sacrificed
And they do not care.

A dream to reach the stars,
the scream across the sky,
to touch the cold, dark moon.
An epitaph of treachery-
Poopy Joe:
"Taken too soon."
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