Because she is his Maiden and he is her Vampire.
Because he saved her.
Because Bonnie wouldn't be afraid to put Damon in his place.
Because Damon and Bonnie make us go crazy.
Because they've met their future soulmates in each other.
Because she feels his presence when he is near.
Because thinking about DB makes us giddy.
Because he will do anything to make sure she is not hurt.
Because Katerina said it would be cool if Bonnie and Damon got together.
Because Damon covered her body in the bathtub.

Because their kiss was like fireworks.
Because Damon has a thing for maidens.
Because Halloween is DB's official holiday.
Because no one can deny chemistry that strong. Not when it slaps you in the face...
Because Katerina said DB "really get into it".
Because she didn't fall for any of Damon's crap.
Because he wanted to taste Bonnie's candy.
Because "Seriously, when was the last time you saw Damon speechless?"
Because Damon learned a very valuable lesson: don't play with fire!
Because Bonnie pawned Damon.

Because it takes a lot to shock Damon, and Bonnie succeeded.
Because Halloween proved that they have history!
Because we love the way Damon said "Oh, Bonnie".
Because she left him breathless and alone.
Because she left him stunned and confused.
Because the Witch silenced the Vampire.
Because he will be her first in many other things.
Because he was seducing "his little witch".
Because he swore to protect her.
Because regret flashed through his eyes after biting his "little witch".

Because he wouldn't want everyone to find out she's a witch.
"I protected your family." -Damon Salvatore
Because Damon Salvatore finally met his match in Bonnie Bennett.
Because Bonnie is no longer scared of the homicidal vampire.
Because the moments between Damon and Bonnie are hot, intense and real!
Because it's clear that Bonnie has gotten under his skin so it will be difficult to block her out.
Because there is something hidden between them that some fans overlook - for now.
Because the little witch can make the big bad vampire feel pleasure and pain.
Because her family has a long history of keeping his secret.
Because he already has a term of endearment for the "little witch".

Because this feisty little fire starter will be his match in every way that counts.
Because he kept the Bennett's safe for 145 years.
Because she's too hot to handle and she's not afraid to let him know it.
Because Bonnie stood up to Damon and threatened to set him on fire.
Because she can start fires with her mind... and he likes it.
"His lips were cool, like silk, but everything else was so warm. She didn't need to be afraid."
"He sat back on his heels and looked at her, this fatally poisoned woman-child he’d as good as given his word to save."
"He clutched at her as if he needed her for blood and to let go of her would be to lose her."
"After rescuing Bonnie he tells Stefan that he did it on a whim - he comes out with the “whim” lie." -LJ Smith
Because Damon was always the one who made threats, but Bonnie turned it around on him.

Because with Bamon, "you never know."
Because only Bonnie can resist Damon's charm.
Because Bonnie is the only one who made Damon beg.
Because Bonnie can burn Damon in more ways than one.
Because she is the only girl who can say 'no' to Damon without annoying him.
Because he always tells her the truth.
Because Bonnie can see right through him.
Because "they haven't even started yet", but we are 100% behind them.
Because there's nothing ordinary about Supernatural Love.
Because sex appeal, exceptional acting chops and a captivating chemistry make them worth rooting for.

Because 'Bamon' is a synonym for 'incomparably sexy'.
Because strong women turn him on, and Bonnie definitely fits the bill.
Because resistance will be futile once Bamon give in to their repressed desires for one another.
Because if you are looking for fresh, new action tune into all Bamon scenes.
Because chemistry + vampire + magic give us a perfect supernatural team.
Because the Bamonation formed without coaxing from ads or producers.
Because Bamon wrote the book on eye sex and UST.
Because she’ll be the challenge he’s always up for.
Because vampire + witch = vitch and that sounds very sexy.
Because Ian and Kat can cause spontaneous sexual combustion with their fiery chemistry.

Because a single taste of Bonnie Bennett will never be enough.
Because Bamonators the world over all agree : Bamon = Something Supernaturally Profound.
Because she stays true to herself and that's what's going to make Damon fall for her.
Because it should be a sin to be that hot.
Hang on, we have to put our shades on, Bamon's alluring presence is too blinding.
Because the Bamonators are constantly reaching out to the writers, we know they won't disappoint.
Because he had to be the first Salvatore to get a taste.
Because they can have their clothes on and still have us aroused.
"'I wanna protect you believe it or not.' I think that it's important to pay attention to that." -Kat
Because whether it's good or bad press, DB has been getting a lot of publicity!

Because people are noticing Bamon! It's really about time.
Because Bamon already have a strong connection, they just don't know it yet.
Because even when she's vulnerable she won't let him know it, he doesn't deserve that power over her - YET.
Because she's the only one who can turn his wrongs back around at him.
Because deep down he understands why she does what he does.
Because Damon asked Bonnie for a "truce". It'll happen and we can't wait for the day!
Because Bamon were working side by side in successful mission!
Because Stefan wanted them to play nice.
Because he opened the car door for her, such the gentlemen yet again!
Because Damon said "thank you" and opened the car door for her all in the same day.

Because Elena had to know what was going on when Stefan said he was with Bamon.
Because it seems that Stefan will be a DB shipper, as he was in the books!
Because he can have everyone fooled, but Bonnie sees through it all so he'll have to try harder.
Because something makes him want to protect her, no matter what she's done to him.
"She seems to bring out a gentleness in Damon." -LJ Smith
Because Damon probably likes those debates with Bonnie more than he lets her know.
Because with Bamon, the word 'polite' doesn't enter their vocabulary when they're bantering!
Because they are working together side by side, what a terror night in hell for everyone else.
Because whether or not they wanted to, they both help each other a lot.
Because Bamon have so much tension that you just want to tell them to "get a room already".

Because Bonnie is tolerating him and Damon is on her good side, that's a start.
"He actually saved Bonnie's life (and kissed her) before the story started." -LJ Smith
Because whether they are hated or loved, it's always a heated discussion about them.
Because "Somewhere inside he has a lot of tenderness for her."
Becaue "There's something special about Bonnie that just can't make Damon go on hate mode."
Because everyone always mentions witches around Damon. Must be a sign.
Because having a witch by his side makes Damon feel more protected than he has in years.
Because they have each other on speed dial. We wonder what happens when the lights are out.
Because when he's cocky, she's sassy. He's homicidal then she's judgey - see the similar pattern?
Because she is the queen of mimicking Damon's facial expressions and attitude.

Because finally someone who can have a snap back at every word Damon says!
Because with the line "Don't be disrespectful." she's already putting Damon in line!
Because Damon is happy with his "witchy" date with Bonnie!
Because Bonnie saving Damon yet again!
Because the Damon we all miss and love always shows up in his scenes with Bonnie.
Because underneath all that hate, they have a deep caring that will only evolve.
Because Damon's speed has nothing on Bonnie's witchy-juju.
Because their dance truly was a 'can't miss moment'.
Because did you see the many looks between DB in 2x18?
Because all his gestures towards her, proved that he cares.
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