So - here's the tracklisting. If you go along and pick one up, please rip it, upload it and email the link to

Sean Johnston's A Love From Outer Space 10

1) Cluster - Hollywood
2) Wolfmother - Cosmic Egg (Mungolian Jetset Remix)
3) Creation Rebel & The New Age Steppers - Chemical Specialist
4) Randy Pie - Back To Universe
5) Fashion - Streetplayer/ Mechanik (Mutant Mix Mechanik)
6) LoSoul - Open Door
7) The Big Crunch Theory - Distortion (DJ Koze Remix Instrumental)
8) Nakion - Arcadia
9) Pascal FEOS - Makina
10) Glass Candy - Sugar & Whitebread (Instrumental)

Andrew's A Love From Outer Space 10

1. Canto Della Liberto / 3rd Face [Dirtyhouse]
2. Motorcycles[Neville Watson mix] / Tiago [Hands Of Time]
3. Away / To Rococo Rot [Domino]
4. A Man Of Experience And Wisdom / Mulatu Astatke [Mixed Blood
[Zolepar Edit]
5. Mind Games / Architeq [Tirk]
6. 1987 [Richard Sen remix] / Diskjokke [CDR]
7. Talagh / Googoosh [Finders Keepers]
8. O Deo / Higamos Hogamos [All Time Low]
9. Friday 13th Pt.3 / Cage And Avery [Walls Have Ears]
[L.A. dub]
10. How To Play Frisbee / Free Disco [Strange Desire]
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