“And someone else is a Windows Kiss-ass Fanboi...I own both. My Windows machine provides me with 50X more problems than the Mac. I have had one problem in six months with my MacBook Pro, and have only booted it once. The problem was the result of installing some antiquated software. Windows...hah...blue screens, memory freezes, etc. Start comparing part for part, and you will see that Apple is priced the same or less than comparable Win boxes. They boot far faster than a Window machine, they have superior graphics...XP never looked so good since using it on a Mac, never had a memory crash, or any type of malware or virus attack...unlike my Win box. Get your facts together and then talk...you are just blowing hot-air and are ignorant about the facts...are you a Republican?”

1. You're not very smart for leaving your computer on for 6 months for obvious reasons.

2. I would much rather have a blue screen than a beach ball. The blue screen actually gives you an exact error code that tell you exactly what is wrong. Mac tells you to restart the computer.

3. I don't think I've had any of my 4 PC's freeze, blue screen, or crash in well over a year. Maybe you aren't very educated in Windows and don't know how to take care of it properly. Though, honestly, the most I usually do to take care of mine is install Nod32.

4. I have compared many Apple computers with those of other manufacturers and home built systems. Macs are indeed more expensive. In fact, if you were to go to Apple's website and look at the FAQs page, you would see the question "Why should I spend more money on a Mac?" Even Apple realizes that their computers are overpriced. Why don't you?

5. As far as boot times go, even if your Mac did boot faster than my PC, is that really worth buying one? I mean, heck, you don't even turn yours off. It doesn't sound like an incredible selling point to me. Also you may recall and article posted on this very site which mentioned a PC booting up in under a second. Another thing to consider is the fact that there are many different kinds of BIOS on computers today and I'll bet they don't all take the same exact amount of time to boot. Also, there is a countless number of hardware configurations and different versions of Windows to consider here so I don't think you can safely say that your Mac boots faster than every other PC.

6. Superior graphics? I don't quite understand what you mean. I know that Macs and PC's can use similar graphics cards which would produce the exact same image regardless of what OS the system was running on (assuming there were similar drivers). In fact, with PC, there are even more choices in graphics cards including much more powerful ones that may indeed produce a "better" image. Maybe you're referring to the monitor. I know that there are only a handful of monitors are sold with Macs and yeah, maybe they look better than a few monitors you've seen paired with PC's from certain manufacturers but anyone can easily buy another monitor that is more than likely compatible with both so coming from that viewpoint I would have to call it a tie. The only other thing I could think of you referencing is the OS visuals. Just because a Mac has a look and style that you find more appealing doesn't mean that the graphics are better. Windows XP shouldn't be a very high res, beautiful OS considering it's age so I don't know why you expect it to. Windows 7 is an extremely attractive, high res OS and in my personal opinion looks better than the Mac's.

7.You don't think your Mac gets viruses? That is a large misunderstanding. Mac's do get viruses, granted, not as often as a Windows machine might, but they do in fact get viruses. You may recall that in a recent release of Mac there was a hidden anti-virus put into the OS. This anti-virus is however a joke compared to even some of the lower end anti-virus software found on PC's. The way it works is quite simply pathetic. Granted Mac probably doesn't need a highly advanced anti-virus at this point in time, it still doesn't create a very good image. Just remember the more popular your Mac gets, the more viruses there will be. The entire point of making a virus is to infect as many people as possible. Creating a virus on a Mac is almost a waste of time considering that Microsoft controls nearly 90% of the market share (I wonder why only about 1 out of every 10 computer consumers chose Mac?). I thought it was somewhat funny that Apple tried to hide the anti-virus to an extent. I always found it funny that people managed to get so many viruses on PC even with anti-viruses installed. Maybe we should cover a few common sense things you yourself can do to avoid such problems. Don't visit or accept files from any websites that you should trust, such as many adult websites, or file sharing sites. Don't use Limewire, Bearshare, Kazaa or any other file sharing programs. Those are the only two things I steer clear of personally and I haven't had a virus in over 2 years. Oh, and did I mention that there are several powerful anti-virus software choices on Windows for FREE! Hard to believe isn't it?

Now that we've "gotten our facts together" I think you should be a little more educated in the Mac vs. PC debate. It's not wrong that you prefer a Mac over a PC, but it is wrong to be so ignorant of the facts behind the differences and claim to know what you're talking about.
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