Using the much expected release of the Apple iPhone 4 4 over and done with, Apple lovers everywhere have turned their attention to the next era of Apple smartphone, the tentatively titled Iphone 5.
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For a far more luxurious look and feel, Apple's premium leather iPhone 6 series case might be a great choice. The form-fitting leather case has a microfiber interior and you will be offered in five colors including dark, soft red, olive brownish, midnight blue and red. The leather case is priced at $45 and $49 for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, respectively.

Regarding to Bidness Etc , also on April 30, lots of additional features and improvements are happening. Push Touch technology, which can inform the difference between tapping and just touching the screen gives users higher control. A sapphire glass display, which was supposed to include the iPhone 6, may be replaced with Corning's Gorilla Cup 4 instead. The brand new Apple Watch includes sapphire cup in it's sport edition currently. And lastly Touch ID will be improved to work even better with Apple Pay technology, which keeps growing in recognition among users.

I've verizon right now, and now have the Droid. My buddy and dad both have the Iphone 4 4 on AT&amp;T network and I'm very excited that Iphones will be available for Verizon now as well! I needed to get the Iphone4 for Verizon when it came out... but I am most surely waiting for the Iphone5! Im sooo thrilled I cant wait around until they announce the release time!
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This past year the iPhone 5c and 5s were in stores by Sept. 20. 2 yrs back Apple announced iPhone 5 on Sept. 12 and released it quickly thereafter. So Sept. 15th is an acceptable guess for the next iPhone's availability date. This review tells us nothing and is just some men OPINION - Look into the upcoming Samsung Infuse or Motorala Atrix &amp; even the low cost HTC Inspire - Apple has already been behind. The iPhone 5c gets more LTE coverage, So, travelers now can use fast data rates of speed in more places all over the world.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus both have NFC connectivity and Touch ID as the rumors and leaks suggested. Apple Pay , a fresh mobile wallet feature use these two features to authenticate payments. Just like Google Wallet and Softcard (previously known as Isis Wallet), Apple Pay lets you check out fast and easy with just one single tap. All of your credit cards information is stored in Apple Pay. There is no need to complete lengthy account forms. Credit card details are held private and will not be shared with the web merchant,&#8221; Apple said on its standard live blog. Apple Pay will be available as a free of charge upgrade for iOS 8 in October for the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5.

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