Ever to Hide the Truth

by Judah Jackshaw

Fear, inevitable and deceiving.
Joy, sought after and misleading.
The things of this fake world would dominate us
Lead us into the dark and steal our souls.
Ever to hide the truth.

Love, passionate but doomed.
Laughter, in sorrows consumed.
How hard it is to break through paper masks,
That we display to fool those who do not care.
Ever to hide the truth.

Happiness, is not what they say it is.
Sadness, kills it with a seductive kiss.
Too late we realize our error,
Deceived and tricked we are.
Ever to hide the truth.

Hope, forgotten in the dark.
Despair, so accurate knows its mark.
Rarely does it miss our weaknesses,
And not prey upon our emotions.
Ever to hide the truth.
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