I attempted to draw from every classic Zelda game, while following a vaguely OoT-esque story-arch. The film has Link speak only in simple phrases like ‘yes’, ‘no,’ and his name. Stylistically, this would be done closer to the lavish and fanciful aesthetic of filmmakers Tarsem and Fellini, rather than the dark & gritty style of Jackson’s LoTR. Think exuberant colors, iconographic imagery, and crowded shot compositions. Please don’t hesitate to tear this apart! I’m curious to know what true LoZ fans have to say.

A heavy, gray rain falls upon the barren moors of Hyrule Field. The ferocious rain contrasts against the still landscape. Out of the grey void emerges a white steed galloping madly, bearing two anonymous riders. Both riders are heavily cloaked, suggesting their secrecy. As they go swiftly across the horizon, endless legions of a black army appear in their immediate wake. The white steed has just escaped their vision. Ganondorf Dragmire helms the army upon his mighty black horse. He is a monstrously tall, opposing man, clad in black and brown armor. He is the obvious leader, and wields a large battle-axe. He dismounts, and hands off the reigns to the nearest soldier. He looks out upon the vastness; his enemy lies just beyond the curtain of rain. After a moment and without a word, he begins walking forward, prompting the mass of troops behind him to do the same. Their walk turns to a run. And then to a charge. Still, their enemy cannot be seen. As Ganondorf begins howling, their opposition comes into view. Standing before them, legions of a grey Hylian army are holding their ground, spears and shields ready to penetrate the charge. Ganondorf, still in front of his army, makes a tremendous leap up over the front lines of his enemy, causing brief confusion in their formation. The rest of his army follow closely behind, and collide into the Hylian shields. The ensuing battle is bloody and real. Neither side appears to have advantage over the other. After several minutes of killing, Ganondorf's eyes begin glowing gold, and he bellows a deafening roar. He swings his axe upwards, and it emits a surge of powerful fire, sending dozens of Hylian soldiers flying.
Link awakens lying on driftwood in the middle of the ocean (as in Link's Awakening). He washes ashore on a small island off the coast of Hyrule called Koholint Island, where a girl named Marin finds him unconscious on the beach. She takes him to her Father Tarin's house in Mabe Village, where upon waking he discovers he has no memory of the last seven years of his life. He has a Triforce insignia on his hand too, which Tarin warns he should keep hidden because the old powers are no longer in place (the Triforce being the coat of arms of the Royal Family). Several days pass, and Link adjusts to life on the island. Tarin is a sweet simpleton who has a nice monologue about protecting his daughter Marin. Marin, who’s kind of a tom-boy, shows Link a Library on the island, where Link is intrigued by many texts about ancient Hyrule, which Marin lets him take. Later, Link finds the Master Sword in the jungle which fits his sheath, and he decides to journey to Hyrule for answers. Before leaving Tarin gives him his shield, a horse, Epona, and a boat. Marin kisses him on the cheek.

He sails to Hyrule with Epona. On the voyage he passes a barbaric looking Gerudo warship, and ponders the strange flag. At night, he slips into a dream- A gray rainstorm pours as the drawbridge of Hyrule Castle comes crashing down. Two cloaked noblemen ride on a thundering steed across it, and a small child Link bears witness. The mysterious riders disappear into the rain. Several moments pass before Ganondorf comes striding casually across the drawbridge with a gothic spear, followed by two flag-bearers. He looks at young Link, shows him his Triforce insignia, and laughs thunderously before hurling the spear directly at him. (Dream as in Ocarina of Time).

Link awakes with his boat rocking against a dock in the Minish Woods. He travels on foot with Epona through the woods for a while, following the water. Eventually he stumbles upon the Kokiri children, who subsequently take him prisoner. They bring him before their protector- a wise old mystic named Rauru. He is a riddler, who pesters Link with existential questions and snaps at him with truths about his inner thoughts. He’s a hilarious trickster archetype (like Jack Sparrow or Rumplestiltskin). He almost absentmindedly has Link executed before he sees the Triforce on his hand. Rauru is astonished and claims to have been waiting for Link his entire life. He is the 'Hero of Time,' the 'Savior of Hyrule,' and it's his job to defeat evil and restore balance to the Triforce across time and space, in between periods of hibernation in the Sacred Realm. This is foretold in the prophecies of ancient Hyrule, but Link can’t believe it. Rauru says that because he's revealed to Link his true identity, the prophecy will begin unfolding, but that it’s dangerous to go alone. That same night, after briefly holding eye-contact with one of the children Saria, the Kokiri camp is attacked by terrorist Darknut Knights and Shadow Beasts (as inTwilight Princess) who begin killing the children at random. Rauru and Link kill a few and send the rest running. During the fight, Saria is taken by a knight who takes off on a horse, only to be shot with an arrow by Link at a tremendous distance. Link realizes he really is gifted and decides to go with Rauru.

Rauru says the knights took Saria because she’s ‘special’- the Sage of Forest. He says they all must journey to Kakariko Village, where princess Zelda is rumored to live in hiding. As they journey through the Minish Woods, they hear screaming, and encounter a woman surrounded by vicious Octoroks. Link fights them off, and the woman reveals herself to be Impa, Princess Zelda’s attendant who was sent by the Princess to find Link (as in Oracle of Ages).

On horseback they all journey across Hyrule fields to Kakariko Village, which is under heavy subjugation by the Gerudo army. Link, Impa, and Saria must be heavily cloaked and disguised, and Rauru introduces himself to the guards as a potion-maker travelling with his patients. In the house of Impa, Zelda introduces herself to Link, but is grief stricken that he cannot remember her. She too has a Triforce insignia on her hand. Zelda explains the recent events of Ganondorf’s takeover, which are shown in a series of surrealistic and iconographic flashbacks. She explains how Ganondorf, King of Thieves, deceived her father the King of Hyrule and eventually laid siege upon the castle. Zelda and her attendant barely escaped on horseback, and these are the very same events depicted in Link’s cryptic dreams. She goes on to explain that now Ganondorf has his sights set on the Sacred Realm, plotting to usurp The Golden Goddesses. He needs only the three pieces of the Triforce to do this, which is why Zelda and Link must remain hidden from him. If the powers of the Triforce could be used against Ganondorf however, he could finally be defeated. This would require the coming together of The Great Sages of the Sacred Realm, whom Ganondorf has hunted and imprisoned deep in the scattered dungeons and temples of his empire. It is Link’s mission to travel across Hyrule to free the 3 Sages and thus bring down Ganondorf’s rule (as in Ocarina of Time). Rauru the Ancient, Zelda the Hylian, Impa the Sheikah, and Saria the Kokiri are indeed Sages, but have avoided or escaped Ganondorf’s prisons. Darunia the Goron, Ruto the Zora, and Nabooru the Gerudo are still locked under heavy guard; by soldiers, monsters, witches, and the undead. Ganondorf has long been aware of the threat the Sages pose, as well as ‘The Hero of Time.’ Link asks Zelda how they knew each other, and Zelda takes his hand as says ‘We were friends.’ Upon touching her, Link has a split-second flashback of their iconic first meeting, in the courtyard of Hyrule Castle seven years previous, but it vanishes in the blink of an eye. Impa reassures Link that his memory will return in time.

The company travels first to Death Mountain to rescue Darunia the Goron, the Sage of Fire, who's been locked away in his own temple. As they climb the red mountain, Saria has a nice monologue in where she talks with Link about peace, diplomacy, and innocence among otherthings. The group stumble upon the abandoned Goron City, which had been previously occupied by Gerudos who’ve also left. Rauru explains that the Gorons turned themselves permanently stone-side up once Darunia was captured, and the Gerudos could no longer tell them apart from the real rocks. Zelda wakes them all up by singing ‘Sonata of Awakening’ while placing her hand gently on a rock (as in Majora’s Mask), and they all wake up and there are hundreds that crowd the mountainside. Rauru explains to the bewildered Gorons that Link has come to rescue King Darunia, and they treat him like a messiah.

At the summit, the company overpowers the guards of the temple entrance, which is a gaping arc in the rock face. Rauru insists that Link must rescue Darunia alone, but guarantees him that he cannot be killed. He gives Link a jar of water, but instructs him not to drink from it. Link descends a dark staircase, which at the bottom leads to a vertical drop. Link must climb a wooden ladder into the fiery hell below. Inside, the temple has many Tiki-like deities wreathed in flame, and the front chamber is crowded with flaming bats and turtles (as in Ocarina of Time). Link studies Goron hieroglyphs on the wall- a depiction of the Hyrule creation story of the Golden Goddesses. The stone doors of the temple sanctuary are unmovable, but when Link lights the 8 torches surrounding the doors, they crack ajar. Then suddenly, horns are heard from deep within the temple, and a small party of Lizalfos led by a Darknut Knight rushes into the chamber. The Darknut, an ambassador of Ganondorf, orders Link to leave the temple at once, but Link stands his ground and a battle ensues. One of the Lizalfos escapes before Link can kill it. Deeper in the temple, Link must traverse a massive rope bridge that crosses a giant lava pool. Halfway across, Link hears the horns again and is ambushed from the ceiling by several Dairas, Dinolfos, and flying Aeralfos. Link uses both his sword and his bow to kill the winged beasts. At this point, the mountain begins rumbling and shaking. At the end of the bridge, a large, extravagant arched passageway is blocked by a wall of flames. A strange frog head statue is at the top of the arch and two smaller ones are on either side, which Link recalls from one of the texts he took from Koholint Island. Taking it out, he reads what he must do- He pours the water from his jar into the mouths of both the side frog head statues, and the wall of flames is doused by a huge stream of water, which continues to gush from the large frog head’s mouth. (as in Skyward Sword). Passing through, Link descends into the Temple’s inner sanctum. At the bottom of a narrow staircase, the corridor opens up into a massive underground cavern, with a large stone peninsula in the center of a lava lake. Darunia the Goron stands on the far side of the peninsula, with large chains on either wrist, tethering him to the island. His back turned, Darunia at first doesn’t heed Link and remains stone-faced. Link cuts the chains with the Master Sword, and Darunia wakes up, asking if Link is the Hero of Time foretold of in the prophecies, to which Link answers ‘Yes.’ Suddenly many legions of Lizalfos led by three menacing Iron Knuckles storm the island, and Darunia and Link begin fighting their way out. The Iron Knuckles are extremely lethal, and Link suffers several injuries. Darunia summons the fire dragon Volvagia from beneath the lava, and the snake like dragon slithers in the air for a while before raining fire down onto the Lizalfos. Link and Darunia make their escape amidst the chaotic battle and the now violent shaking of the mountain.

Darunia carries Link out of the temple, where at night they regroup with the company. Darunia says he cannot go with them because he must liberate The Gorons, but Rauru insists that all the Sages need to be together in order to wield the power of the Triforce against Ganondorf. He also guarantees Darunia that the Gorons will be liberated in short time, like he guaranteed Link his survival. Darunia agrees to travel with the company for no longer than 1 week. Zelda is horrified at Link’s condition, but consoles him lovingly and sings Zelda’s lullaby to him.

The company must next journey to Lake Hylia to rescue Princess Ruto the Zora, Sage of Water, and they must walk across Hyrule fields to get there. During the journey, a heavy snow falls which impedes their progress, despite its scenic beauty. Zelda has a nice monologue where she tells the Hyrule creation story at full. At night, they are approached in their sleep by a band of friendly Garo spirits who offer them wisdoms of how to enter the hidden Water Temple (as in Majora’s Mask). They disappear into green flames.

They arrive at Lake Hylia from atop a steep cliff overlooking the large lake. Saria asks about the Zoras, and Rauru explains their tragic fate, which is seen in exuberant flashback- the Zora’s were essentially genocided by Ganondorf himself, when he froze the lake and their underwater Domain, with the help of many undead Chilfos (as in Twilight Princess) who juggled their javelins in the air while dancing across the ice. It was Rauru himself who unfroze the lake years later. The Garo’s wisdom suggests that the temple entrance is extremely deep underwater and can only be entered by humans daring enough to dive into the lake from the cliff, 200 hundred feet in the air. Link is daring enough, and Rauru gives him the Iron Boots. Link reaches the bottom of the lake, and sees the entrance of the temple is a similar gaping hole in the lakebed. Link swims down inside, and then up through a narrow passage into a moon pool where he wades onto dry land inside a dark rocky chamber, removing the Iron Boots. The entrance of the temple is blocked by a large stone cube, which Link must push forward with tremendous exertion. Inch by inch, he moves the stone and cries out in strain. Inside, the Water Temple looks nearly identical to that in The Ocarina of Time- a blue and beige Greek tower standing on tan sand, many stories high, enclosed in a rock cavern. As Link creeps out from behind the stone, he sees the temple grounds are swarming with Darknut Knights, Wizzrobes, and Geozards. He quickly hides behind the stone, but knows he’ll be noticed soon. He quietly unsheathes his sword. Glimpsing another door, he makes for it and finds himself in a blue tiled corridor, with several lit torches burning. Statues of ancient Zora kings stand proudly on displays in the walls. At the end of the corridor is another simple-looking door, with the symbol of Vaati above it. Through this door, Link finds himself in a very large, white room which seems to have no visible ceiling or walls, and a very shallow pool of water flooding the floor. There is a dark, withering tree directly across from Link, and beyond which is a distant coliseum, and a gigantic mirror that appears to expand on forever. Disturbed, Link slowly approaches the tree, and begins to see his reflection forming in the mirror beyond it. As he gets closer he sees its not his reflection at all, but is Shadow Link- his phantom doppelganger with completely black skin, hair, and clothing. The instant Link sees this, Shadow Link springs forth and a long, extremely choreographed sword duel ensues. Link suffers many injuries, but at last he kills Shadow Link. When this happens, legions of Geozards and Darknut Knights flood from the coliseum, and quickly overpower a severely fatigued Link. A group of Wizzrobes put him to sleep.

Back upon the banks of Lake Hylia, Impa plays the Song of Healing on her harp. Eventually Zelda joins in with beautiful soprano singing, and she tells of the ancient Godesses and Hyrule’s old kings. Saria sits on Darunia’s shoulder and listens. That night, the group sits around a campfire and watches as Rauru performs beautiful light magic on the water’s surface. Suddenly Darunia tells them all to be silent because he can hear horse hooves approaching from far off. He claims it’s a great host. Because the group knows Zelda cannot be captured lest Ganondorf becomes uber-powerful, she and Impa flea on Epona before the horsemen arrive. Rauru, Saria, and Darunia are left standing with their backs to the water with a single torch. Moments pass, and eventually the sounds of 5 horses is heard. A single rider approaches the group, and proceeds to the utmost brink of their field of vision before actually coming into the light. The figure appears to be Ganondorf. He asks where Zelda is, to which Darunia answers that the princess hasn’t been seen in seven years. The figure asks again, where is Zelda? No one answers this time, and the figure eventually recedes back into the blackness. Then suddenly the trio is rushed by 4 poes - ghastly white spirits of concentrated hatred. The poes descend upon the three frightened Sages.

Back in the Water Temple, the Darknut Knights and Geozards cruelly beat Link and shackle him. Later, the Darknut Knights take him before Princess Ruto oddly enough, who's been given a kind of puppet-queen position amongst her captors. In her exotic and fanciful chambers, Princess Ruto strokes a Sygr and sits on a plush bed. She’s become ensconced in her supposed queen-status. Weird Zora sex rituals are being performed in and around the chamber as well. Surrounded by guards, Princess Ruto interrogates Link half-heartedly from her bed, and mocks him that his friends on the surface have indeed been captured. When Link remains adamantly silent, she becomes intrigued and frustrated. She doesn’t take him seriously until she notices the Triforce insignia on his hand, and then appears to have an intense revelation. She gently lifts his chin, and Link has a shared revelation upon looking into her eyes. Remembering the guards, Ruto slaps Link, then laughs. She muses to the guards that she should have had the boy killed for rejecting her advances seven years ago, but that she’s gotten past it now. She then orders Link to be locked away in the dungeon.

Zelda and Impa gallop fiercely through the night on Epona, reminiscent to the opening dream sequence. Eventually, they are chased by Phantom Ganon, whose black, heavily armored horse gallops above the ground at tremendous speed. Before overtaking Zelda and Impa, Phantom Ganon points his spear at them and they are enclosed in a blue and purple vortex and disappear. Epona is left running alone in the night.

Link sits in his dark and dripping jail cell. Momentarily, Princess Ruto enters the room and speaks to Link quietly through the bars. She explains how she’s technically still a prisoner, and how she remembers Link and knows he’s the Hero of Time. She’s clearly a little insane, and has a slightly demented monologue about love and loss. She gives him a map of the temple, and a dagger with which to kill the prison guards. She also gives him a beautiful blue ocarina, and instructs him that if he’s caught, he can play ‘The Serenade of Water’ on it, and the temple will flood completely. She says she’ll meet him in the sanctuary chamber. Later, when Ruto has gone, Link cries out in pain, prompting a Geozard guard to investigate. Link kills the monster through the bars, and swipes the keys. Using the map, Link traverses the labyrinthine corridors and rock tunnels of the temple complex, at one point encountering a room full of blue Tektites (huge one-eyed spiders). He spies on a group of Darknut Knights and Wizzrobes, who discuss the escaped prisoner and how a massive search of the temple has begun. Link decides to flood the temple, and looks up how ‘The Serenade of Water’ in one of the texts. He plays the ocarina loudly, alerting the enemies to his presence. Before the Knights and Wizzrobes can approach Link, there is an earthquake, and they’re crushed under a massive waterfall, several of which are now gushing from the mountain ceiling through massive faucets. Link is also crushed under the flooding water, but manages to swim with the rising water level, as opposed to his heavily armored enemies. As the water continues to violently gush forth, Link battles swimming Geozards with his sword underwater. Finally, when nearly the entire temple has been flooded, Ruto appears and guides Link out through an underwater passageway that leads back to the lake.

Ruto and Link swim to the surface of the lake during the day, where they discover no one is there. They are confronted by the fairy Navi, who is just a small glowing orb of white light. She leads them to Epona, who’s been tethered to a tree. They find a note, seemingly from Zelda, saying she and Impa have gone to free Saria, Darunia, and Rauru from the prisons on Windfall Island (as in the Wind Waker), and have left Link his horse. She implores Link to finish the quest, and travel to the Gerudo desert to find Naburoo. Link, however, knows the note wasn’t left by Zelda because it isn’t her handwriting. He speculates that Ganondorf must have taken her, which means he’ll keep her alive until he finds Link, and obtains all the Triforce pieces. Ruto points out that if that’s indeed the case, Ganondorf will have a trap waiting for them at the Spirit Temple. Link replies, ‘Good.’ They take off toward the desert. During the journey, they are chased by hundreds of flying Patra (winged eyeballs), which Link shoots at with his bow. They don’t attack, just follow and watch, and eventually depart on their own. At night, Ruto and Link are huddled around a fire, and Navi floats motionlessly in the air. Ruto is asleep, and Link stares into the fire. Eventually, as if in a trance, Link gets up and starts walking, and Navi follows. He approaches a beautiful vistage of Hyrule fields, and peers at a large yellow moon. He breaks down and begins weeping, and eventually sinks to his knees. Navi watches. Then, a rage takes over, and Link begins hacking and slashing the bushes near him. (lol, found a way). He once again collapses in sadness, and Navi then floats over to him and nestles his shoulder. Link is greatly comforted by Navi’s presence, and the two stare at the moon for a while.

PART 3: Link and Ruto wade through the Haunted Wasteland, which is a trail of red flags that serve as visual markers across a perpetual sand storm (as in Ocarina of Time). Ruto is on Epona, while Link leads them through the thigh-deep sand on foot. At one point, Link sees a vision of Princess Zelda through the sand, and he rushes towards it impulsively. Navi follows. He stumbles, and discovers there’s nothing there- just a mirage. Link has a coughing fit, and begins to head back towards Ruto. He soon finds he’s completely lost, and screams for Ruto and Epona. Navi just floats there. He pulls out one of the ancient texts, and looks up ‘Sun’s Song.’ When he plays this on the ocarina, the sandstorm completely stops, and it’s a clear sky. Ruto and Epona are nowhere to be seen however. He sees the Gerudo Fortress in the distance, and runs towards it with all his strength.

Link finds Gerudo Fortress completely emptied. He’s lunatic, thinking it’s a trap, and grips the Master sword with both hands. Wandering the vaguely Syro-Egyptian complex grounds, he eventually finds the entrance to the Spirit Temple on the stage of an outdoor amphitheatre. It’s a gaping hole in the earth, and Link ties a rope around himself and to a strange Gerudo monolith, and jumps in.

Link lands still hung in the air, and untying himself, he drops and rolls onto the sand below. The dark Spirit Temple (an Egyptian-esque cathedral as seen in Ocarina of Time) is literally filled with hundreds of Gerudo soldiers of different rank, as well as Wizzrobes, Poes, Shadow Beasts, a blue Iron Knuckle, and a host of Stalfos warriors. Naburoo is shackled and lying in the sand. Link gets up, and doesn’t unsheath his sword. Instead he raises his Triforce insignia to the army, which begins to glow faintly. A Twinrova witch flies forth and challenges Link, in a demented high-pitched voice. Link contends that he will not fight Ganondorf’s messengers any longer. At that moment, Rauru bursts in, followed by the rest of the Sages. Rauru jests with the crowd, and goes on to point out the obvious- that Ganondorf obviously cannot kill the Sages, which is why he goes to such great lengths to separate and imprison them. This means no matter what he tries to do, they’ll always end up escaping. He laughs and says it’s all for show. Darunia then proceeds to calmly walk over to Naburoo, easily knock out the guards, rip the chains off her wrists, and escort her away from her captors. Twinrova orders the soldiers not to kill Darunia as he does this. She muses that the reason they can’t be killed is because they don’t need to be, and that Ganondorf’s rule over Hyrule is secure. The only thing he truly desires is control of the Sacred Realm, and control of the entire Triforce. She continues, that now since Rauru has gathered all the Sages but one, the very Sage he’s captured, that the only way for either side to win out is through a confrontation between Link and Ganondorf over Zelda. If Link is victorious, the sages will at last be united and Ganondorf’s reign will be ended, restoring balance to the Sacred Realm- but if Ganondorf is victorious, he’ll finally have all 3 Triforce pieces, and enough power to stage a coup against the Golden Goddesses. Twinrova offers to take Link to Ganondorf, and Link agrees. She surrounds him in the same blue and purple vortex, and he vanishes.

Link re-appears with Navi, outside Ganon’s Tower (as in A Link to the Past). The clouds are black and swirl like smoke, and there’s an incredibly high wind. Surrounded by a moat, the tower drawbridge lowers as Link approaches it. He enters the Tower, and the interior looks identical to that in Ocarina of Time. Red velvet carpet, flickering torches, and basically a series of winding staircases. As Link proceeds up the tower cautiously, the sound of an organ being played begins to grow louder and louder. Eventually, the staircase narrows, and shafts of golden light shine through the stained windows, and the haunting organ music becomes very loud. Link finally comes to the top of the stairs, and beholds a giant iron door. He unsheathes his sword, and goes inside Ganondorf’s chambers.

The ensuing encounter is identical to that in Ocarina of Time. Ganondorf is playing a huge pipe organ in a massive stained glass cathedral, while Zelda is trapped in a crystalline energy field high above Ganondorf’s organ. All three of their Triforce insignia’s begin glowing, and Ganondorf stops playing ominously. He stands, and speaks to Link with his back turned. Then he laughs, and whips around crying “These toys are too much for you! I command you to return them to me!” He attempts to draw Link into a purple vortex, but Link is able to stand his ground, seemingly with his willpower. Ganondorf mocks Link’s supposed ‘courage,’ and draws his large double handed sword (as in Twilight Princess). An extremely choreographed, lengthy sword battle follows,
with Link fighting fiercer than ever. For much of the battle, there is an ominous lack of score. Their swords sometimes produce fiery white sparks when they strike, and often Ganondorf fires white lightning orbs at Link, which shatter the windows around them. Link finally kills Ganondorf by firing an arrow directly into one of these orbs, which reverses its direction and hits Ganondorf in the chest. He goes over to him, and in his dying breaths Ganondorf explains that as long as he still has the Triforce of Power, Link will only be able to kill him in “this form.” His last words are as in Twilight Princess- “Do not think it ends here. The history of light and shadow will be written in blood.” He dies, and Zelda floats down and is released. Saying nothing more than ‘Come on,’ Zelda takes Link by the hand and they leave. Before they make it to the door however, huge tremors rock the Tower, and the rest of the walls and roof collapses, leaving them essentially outside. Zelda confirms that Ganondorf indeed has another form. At that moment, huge walls of flame leap up around the ruins of the cathedral, trapping them, and Link looks at Ganondorf’s still dead body. A distant roar is heard, and momentarily, Ganon, an enormous boar-like demon, leaps up onto the roof next to them. He appears as he does in Twilight Princess, yet wielding the swords as he does in Ocarina of Time. As Ganon charges and attacks them recklessly in the ring of fire, Zelda attempts in vain to reason with him. Though Ganon is somewhat reckless, his huge stature and speed are deadly. Ganon knocks the Master Sword from Link’s hand, and it flies off the roof. Link subsequently fires arrows at the beast, and eventually Rauru and the Sages rush in through the flames. Zelda joins them, and Link watches as the Seven Sages stand in a circle and raise their arms skyward, each releasing different light-energies into the air. These energies combine when they meet, and form a kind of neon Triforce in the sky, which causes Ganon’s, Link’s, and Zelda’s insignias to burn fiercely. Link clutches his hand in agony, as Ganon writhes in confused madness. Then, Link watches in awe as the Sages, with effort, turn their energies towards Ganon, and subsequently he is covered in multicolored lightning. The beast runs around madly, before collapsing and dying. Then, the Triforce fades from Link’s hand, and he faints.

He awakes in a white, windy purgatory of sorts, on his back. This is the Sacred Realm. It’s neither distinctly a heavenly nor earthly location. He stands, and is calm and un-alarmed. Soon Zelda walks up to him, and he asks if he’s dead. She explains that he was never really alive, or can never really die, depending on how he chooses to look at it. He is the Hero of Time, and like Rauru explained, it’s Link’s destiny to vanquish evil in its infinite incarnations across time, making him more like an angel. The memories and dreams that haunt him are flashes of these other lives. She reassures him though, that in every life, he’ll be with the people he loves, and the two share a kiss. Link asks what happens next, and Zelda implies that Link will start over in a new land, in a new life.

- END -
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