This is Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion), build 11A511 (Gold). The App Store version isn't out yet, but presumably it will be identical to this build. It has been modified to install on "unsupported" Intel Macs and under VMware with no extra steps, with as little as 1GB memory. Yes, it will install standalone on a fresh disc, no need to install 10.6 first.


That's right, you must have upgraded your old-school Intel Mac with a Core 2 Duo. The installer still checks for this, if it didn't it would *install*, but then fail to boot because Finder (and most everything else in userland) is 64-bit only. This hack works because the kernel and it's extensions are still universal binaries.

Don't worry, I got my T7200 on eBay for $25, and it made the machine faster, to boot.

Also, I've relaxed the memory restriction - it'll install with 1GB memory, instead of requiring 2GB. I left the check in because at rest Lion uses just over 1GB, so trying to install it with anything less than that is just plain silly. It still runs well enough for VMware, though, and my iMac only supports 2GB memory, so for testing that's what I had allocated.

For your edification, there's an archive of all the files I hacked up to make this work; they are not needed in any way to install. You should be able to figure out what I did by looking at them.

Full list of machines for which support was added:

Mac-F4218EC8 - iMac4,2 - Mid 2006 iMac
Mac-F42786C8 - iMac4,1 - Early 2006 iMac (My machine)
Mac-F4208CC8 - MacBook1,1 - Early 2006 MacBook
Mac-F42DBEC8 - MacBookPro1,2 - Early 2006 MacBook Pro
Mac-F425BEC8 - MacBookPro1,1 - Early (Earlier?) 2006 MacBook Pro
Mac-F4208EC8 - Macmini1,1 - Early 2006 Mac Mini far as I know, they are all socketed, so go off and get yourself a better CPU. Also, don't blame me if you can't install using the "Install Mac OS X Lion" app - it's been inconsistent for me, and it has it's own platform checks. Just boot from the disc / image and everything will work.

For virtualization purposes this installer looks like Mac OS X Server, and looks like it installs Mac OS X Server. It's really not, but VMware thinks that it is. It's still entirely possible to install unhindered.

A big shout out to Green Mountain Coffee, which made this release possible. A big middle finger to Apple, for the usual reasons. ISO because it is the One True Image Format. Copied Right by KingFlathead, July 7 2010.

57a20e539e8e1e843c9ff4e055bb7b40 Mac OS X 10.7.iso
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