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PokeBL Custom Item

Steps for getting this in game (PC only):
  1. First, download/install Zed's Patch. There should be instructions in the link and patch file. If using the Steam version of BL, then delete nvcpl.dll from your Borderlands/Binaries directory after installing Zed's Patch.
  2. Next, DOWNLOAD THIS UPK FILE and place it into your "C:Program Files2k GamesGearbox SoftwareBorderlandsWillowGameCookedPCDLC" folder (or in the CookedPC, outside the DLC, should be fine too). If you are using Steam, the Directory is: "C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonborderlandsborderlandsWillowGameCookedPCDLC"
  3. Then, using the WillowTree code below, enter the code into the items tab of your character's save file in WillowTree. This will spawn a shield in your backpack. This shield enables you to farm for the Pokeball grenades by killing enemies. Enemies have a 10% chance of dropping a Pokeball, and a 90% chance of dropping any other non-Pearlescent, non-unique item. There are currently 10 different PokeBall variants, each with a different type of Skag.
  4. Enjoy your Pokeballs and farm away!

WillowTree Code:


Entering the WillowTree code into WillowTree:
If using the retail version, your save file will normally be in "C:UsersNameDocumentsMy GamesBorderlandsSaveData." Open this file in WillowTree, then go to the "Items" tab, click "New", select the "New Item", and in the code area click "Import Item > From Clipboard." Then hit "Save Changes", then click the´╗┐ button in the upper left to drop down the option save your file. Save. [Always back up your save files before editing your saves. (It's really best to back them up whether you edit them or not).]


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